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Use it or Lose it

Kick start your clear out. Stop wasting time and space.

You have discovered the quickest and easiest way to snap, upload and organize your possessions.

Show off your beautiful things, sell off your clutter and give away your junk.

Keep track of what you have and what you used to have. Lose objects but keep memories.

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There are many reasons to Use it or Lose it:

  • Decluttering

    Kick start your clear out.
  • Self Storage

    Keep track of what is in your lock up.
  • Lending

    Remember what you lent and to whom.
  • Collecting

    Catalogue your collection and show it off.
  • Insurance

    Simple valuation and, heaven forbid, filing.
  • Digitize →

    Upload photos of your stuff
  • Visualize →

    See your things, all on one screen
  • Organize

    Add labels and share with friends

Other tools to help you declutter:

Evernote. Scan or photograph your documents and have them stored online and fully searchable.

Amazon Kindle. Keep reading but stop adding to your pile of books.

Rip It for Mac or Handbrake. Copy your DVDs to your computer and lose the discs!

Questions, questions, questions…

I don't have an iPhone, can I still use it?

Absolutely! We've made uploading photos through your browser really fast. You can batch upload many photos, all at once.

We are planning an Android app, but you can already use our mobile web interface on any modern touch-screen phone.

Can everyone see what I own?

No. Everything you upload is private by default. You have to choose to share it for other people to see it.

Why would I want to lose stuff?

To gain space, time and freedom of movement. Here are a few advocates for a more lightweight lifestyle.

Nope, that all sounds like hippy nonsense to me. I like my stuff!

No problem, there are plenty of other reasons to start snapping your stuff (see It’s flexible over there on the left).

This seems like an awful lot of effort, do you really expect me to take photos of everything I own?

Uploading only takes a couple of seconds, so you might be surprised by how much you end up adding.

So how do I actually lose stuff?

You can make things (and collections of things) public, giving them a page on the web. You then share the link with friends on Facebook, followers on Twitter, over email or however you like.

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